The peerless Twin Cities choreographers Brian Sostek and Megan McCellan...bring style, wit and pizazz to every undertaking

— MinnPost

La Traviata - Sossy Mechanics choreographed the dance sequences, including an unusual waltz with Violetta as she was singing (played on alternating nights by the amazing and very game Elizabeth Futral and Georgia Jarman).

Premiered 2011

Created with Minnesota Opera

Cinderella Redux - A humorous and fast-paced re-invention of the Cinderella tale set in the world of university sororities and fraternities, and told through social dance forms including quickstep, salsa rueda, cha cha, Vienese waltz, west coast swing among others.

Premiered 2010, Approx. 40 min

Created with Beyond Ballroom Dance Co

Le Dance Off:  Dance 'n America -  A wry riff on current televised dance competitions, this satire scavanges the rubble left behind when art and commerce collide.  Slimy Phillipe L'Stine hosts the evening of quirky and fascinating dance as he is projected, larger than life, onto the jumbo-tron in front of a live "studio" audience.  Meanwhile, choreographer James Swell,  manages to slyly undercut his ostensible boss by splicing in documentary footage that reveals the underbelly of the beast. 

Premiered 2010, Approx. 90 min

Created with James Sewell Ballet