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Pieces of Eight.

Drams None - but perhaps an orange juice to get you in the mood.

Venue George Square Theatre (Venue 37).
Address George Square.
Reviewer Sarah Jane Murray.

The glory days of Hollywood brought us showbiz in spades. But in this age of special
effects, showbiz is something that can be conjured at the touch of a button. Thank
goodness then for Sossy Mechanics, who do showbiz old-style. And there
is no room for special effects here, not when you've got two charismatic performers
who could dance the taps off Fred and Ginger. Brian Sostek and Megan
McClellan return for their second Fringe outing, hoping to repeat the successes
of last year's Critics' Pick Trick Boxing. And if there is any justice,
they will be duly awarded again.

All this talk of showbiz and charisma is all very well, but a good show also
needs a good story. Luckily Pieces of Eight delivers. A dual
narrative sees 1940s screenwriter Norman Goldwyn pitching his new movie
script to the Bitterman Brothers. We play audience to Goldwyn's pitch,
and watch as he and the Bittermans' secretary enact his script - a
swashbuckling tale of dancing pirates, Latin dancing and oranges. It is a
charming and mischievous story, and one brought completely to life by the
frothy yet suave performances.

The bare stage is transformed without props - at intervals, it becomes a
Hollywood studio, a noble ship and a Spanish orange grove, all thanks to
the accomplished performances. Combining delightful dance numbers,
precise timing and brilliant wit, the Sossy Mechanics are almost
flawless. No one need reminisce about the glory days - glamour is truly
alive and kicking.
┬ęSarah Jane Murray 8 August 2004 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 22 August, at 14.30.
Company - Sossy Mechanics in association with Fringe Management.
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